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With the rapid globalization of the economy in recent years, international logistics and transport have become very important challenges for companies. Asia has grown in the 28 years since Shinyei Shipping Co. Ltd. was established in 1978 as a specialist in transporting small-lot consolidation cargoes by sea. To keep pace with Asia’s rapid growth, we, as an international logistics and transport service provider, have made efforts to develop our services in Asia to reach out to the rest of the world on our basic principles of providing customers with safety, reliability and efficiency.

It is expected that international logistics and transport will grow further in the future, increasing the number and complexity of business activities. As such, we will strive to meet customer demand quickly, offer more reliable services, give transport information faster, develop a system for closer communication with customers and provide higher customer satisfaction.

We humbly ask all to continue their business with us.

Nobuhiro Nagashima
Shinyei Shipping Co., Ltd.

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